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FAQs about Art Therapy

• Do I have to be ‘creative’ or good at art to do Art Therapy?

You don’t need any artistic skill or experience for Art Therapy – in fact many people coming for therapy haven’t drawn or painted since childhood. Part of the art therapist’s job is to help people over their apprehension about starting, so they feel confident and safe enough to use the art materials without familiar judgements about whether images are ‘good’ or ‘bad’. If you feel you ‘can’t draw a straight line’, there are many other ways of playing with different materials. Everyone can express themselves through art in some way – it is a natural, though sometimes under-developed, human activity.

• How long will therapy last?

small picture of a field of flowers I offer brief (10 sessions or less), medium (10 – 30 sessions), and long-term contracts, depending on need and circumstances. Each session lasts 1 hour, though some people prefer longer when making images.

• How much does therapy cost?

Please contact me for information about fees

• Where does the therapy take place?

I work close to the centre of Chorlton, South Manchester, which is easily accessible by bus and tram. There is on-road parking. Please contact me for address, transport details, or map.

• What times are available?

I work 9 – 5.30 p.m, but early morning appointments are sometimes possible, as are evening appointments for initial meetings.

For more information please contact me.